Welcome to The Coming Home Project

A Soil Smart-Soil Wise community for people working with nature, revitalizing the city they live in.

Welcome to Our Community

Coming Home to Gaia's Way


The Earth Asked You to Become her City Champion,

how are you responding...?

As a city activist, are you wanting to be a driver in the revitalization of your city?

Soil Smart - Soil Wise offers a strategy to work with the biotic pump, bringing a whole systems change that will revitalize your city by helping you keep the water you get.


Shift from living ON the Earth to living WITH the Earth

Be her Champion!

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Community Membership Benefits

You’ll receive:
  • Learn living systems thinking
  • Become Ecoliterate
  • Change your mind set, change your city
  • Immerse yourself in, and feel the love of LIFE
  • Discover your own leadership path in your city by partnering with Gaia
  • Friday Deep Dives where we explore Living Regeneratively
  • Classes and other learning opportunities
This community is perfect for you if you have a passion for The Earth, desire for change, are intentionally working to shift your city and your consciousness, and are committed to the regenerative path nature offers to move us forward.

How does the Coming Home Project's Community work?

Regenerative Leadership is totally different from all of previous forms of leadership. Learning to lead with others, while holding LIFE and the integrity of the whole, in mind, is a very different process. By understanding how nature makes life thrive and applying those very same principles to your team, work, organization, and city, you will be instrumental in turning this ship around. We can not regenerate life without understanding life, interconnectedness is key! Join us!

Download the Mighty Networks app on your phone, and you can access us from anywhere! Find it in the Apple Store or Google Play.

The Coming Home Project - the Soil smart - Soil Wise Regenerative Leadership Community, is here to show you, you have what it takes. We are intrinsic to nature, the biotic pump is nature's way of cooling the planet. Looking forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals for successfully transitioning your city to a world that works!

Let's Play

We welcome everyone who is concerned about the massive changes we are starting to go through and who what to help make the transition both clearer and easier. Working with our reorganizing planet might just be fun and will be WAY more creative!!

Scholarships are available, just ask.