Living Regeneratively
Living Regeneratively
Kathryn Alexander MA

Welcome to Living Regeneratively

This is a community of practice exploring how should we live to ensure ALL life thrives.

Welcome to Our Network


How should we live?

How can we live so ALL life thrives, thus ensuring that humans don't go extinct?

By using the instruction manual for living with Mother Nature!

Our courses will ensure you learn how to connect so strongly with nature, you will find peace and personal connection with Nature. You will be able to thrive and grow in harmony with natural laws. 

What does it mean to be human in a time of crisis?

Underlying everything is the disintegration of our relationships

The solution resides in regenerating ALL of our relationships by understanding what it means to be in Right-Relationship!

Membership benefits in the Living Regeneratively Network

You’ll receive:

  • Courses and discussions and projects utilizing the Prime Directive and Earth Values that bring us back into right relationship.
  • The ability to join in on weekly regenerative mover and shaker conversations and then access to the videos afterward.
  • On-demand meditation classes
  • Monthly “Night at the Movies” with discussion afterward
  • Deep dives on Friday, where we explore our own roles and develop insight for dealing with the crisis we face
  • The ability to host your OWN events, classes and study groups
  • Resources and opportunities for action to go to the next step
  • New relationships with people from all over the world
  • Integration of spirituality into everyday life and work.
  • One-on-one and group coaching to live your life from the regenerative perspective, in harmony with nature

This network is perfect for you if you have a passion for integrating the spiritual and the practical, know how you should live, and want support in doing it!

 It turns out there are simple principles for living together in community that are clarifying, energizing, and––dare we say it––fun. We call it Living Regeneratively – Partnering for Life. Here's what one of our members had to say:

How does the Living Regeneratively Network Community work?

The Living Regeneratively Community is built by YOU.  The stellar integration with Zoom means that you can use your Zoom account on the network to host events and give classes. People who enjoy your work will also have exposure to other activists and healers working to facilitate this shift from separation to connection and partnership.

Download the Mighty Networks app on your phone, and you can access us from anywhere!

The Living Regeneratively Network Community is here to show you Humans have what it takes. Looking forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals for successfully transitioning to a world that works!

Pick a Plan!

Why do we charge? There are two main reasons: Your monetary support, supports us! Paying a small amount here allows for more free things inside. The second reason is that we want people with commitment, and financial support is one way of showing commitment.

Take a class and get the Network as a bonus!

Classes come bundled with the network, so this is a very affordable way to get both at a very reasonable price.

There are plans for the Living Regeneratively Network that are both monthly and yearly. These plans include events, courses, and weekly conversations with movers and shakers in the regenerative world.  

There are gifts available if the membership fees are difficult, just ask!

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